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IT Services


System Application Development

Grin Services provides a wide range of System Application Solutions, which includes Application Development and Maintenance services with low cost, swift time-to-market, consistent control and premium quality.

We are committed to building effective, timely systems and delivering solutions that create clear and unparalleled business value for our clients.

We follow all the phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), starting from translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production user support.


Web Application Development

Grin Services offers a full range of web site application development services. Our Web Application development professionals bring years of experience in developing commercial Web Application to meet both the business and technical requirements of our client. Our Projects are a proof of best quality, best price and solutions for Risk Management. We focus on solving business problems rather than selling specific skills or products.


Our custom web solutions are built to offer excellent usability, scalability and universal compatibility in terms of browsers and platforms. Each module is built to plug into a framework that manages foolproof security and auditing making the web solutions as secure as desktop solutions. We offer these services based on Microsoft .NET Technologies, J2EE, Client-Server, ERP/CRM/SCM maintenance, technical support and QA and Testing services.


We provide our customers with different concepts for developing an application that speaks their business and also convey their thoughts.


Mobile Application Development

Grin Services has extensive expertise in custom mobile application software development services include

  • Business software and solutions for iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and WM.
  • Productivity apps, utilities and solutions.
  • Mobile client software.
  • Games and multimedia apps.
  • Internet apps.
  • Porting web applications to mobile platform.
  • And other iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile/Windows Phone solutions which will bring boost to your business

Our Mobile application development department is well-versed in cross-platform mobile application development. We can offer to our customers diversified solutions for all popular mobile platforms be it iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile/Windows Phone.


Application Management Services

Applications drive a company's core and supporting business processes. However, with constantly changing business environments, the challenges of developing and maintaining complex application environments are increasing. It covers such areas as version upgrade, database migration, language migration, reengineering, functionality upgrades, and porting.
We can help lower your maintenance costs and downtime through our application management services to keep your applications running and updated


Testing and Quality Assurance

Around 50% of software development projects fail to meet their original objectives, or miss their target release date. The cause of this is often related to QA (Quality Assurance). With businesses facing pressure to release a product on time with limited resources, the software testing is typically one of the first items to be reduced, or even cut out altogether. If the testing is not sufficient, then defects can be missed and seen by the end user. The impact of this can range from a minor inconvenience to something catastrophic.


Different Testing methodologies are followed such as

  • System / regression testing
  • White box / black box testing
  • Unit / integration testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance/ compatibility testing


From the module level to the application level different types of testing can be performed. But it depends upon the purpose of testing and the software requirements/specs, a combination of testing methodologies is applied. One of the most overlooked areas of testing is regression testing and fault tolerant testing.


Cloud Computing

Grin Services provides the clients with various secure and reliable cloud computing softwares. A cloud is a profound evolution of IT with revolutionary implications for business and society, creating new possibilities and enabling more efficient, flexible and collaborative computing models. We have the expertise, robustness of cloud infrastructures, managed services support and ability to offer you the entire IT infrastructure in the cloud.

Database Management services

Grin Services provides full service Database Administration services including performance analysis, user analysis, benchmarking, auditing, database design and system tuning to help clients measure the ongoing success of their database strategies. We provide disaster recovery support, ensure data integrity, understand security requirements, and ensure databases are optimally tuned for performance
We tailor our applications to your exact business needs, creating views and reports that present data in ways that are most useful to you.


Mainframes Support

We have developed our expertise in Mainframes Technologies like COBOL/COBOL II, SQL, DB2, VSAM, IMS,  CICS Command Level, OS/JCL mainframe. We are currently focused on testing activities such as system integration testing and regression testing.


Grin Services is a strong and well founded Business Solution, IT & ITES Services Provider Company providing  high quality, cost effective, reliable solutions for our clients across industries and across geographical boundaries


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